Puuta Oy – The smartest solution for building

What is Puuta Oy?

Puuta Oy is a future construction company that builds buildings out of wooden modules. It is specialized in building schools, nurseries and other public constructions. Puuta is an imaginary future company operating in principals of circular economy. Puuta has been developed in collaboration with Sitra. In the developing process, we have utilized the expertise of Sitra’s employees as well as architects working in Ministry of the Environment.

Puuta’s story begins in 2018 when one Building contractor, a Developer of Wood Element Technology and an Expert in Building Technology decided to combine their expertise to build four-storey office building. They were worried about the climate change so they wanted to use Finnish wood as a carbon binder. They also viewed the wood construction a solution to indoor air problems detected especially in public buildings such as schools.

Puuta operates in the year 2025. Although this kind of company does not yet exist in Finland, the technologies in wood construction that it uses, do. Overall, the business logic is realistic.

Puuta is a medium-sized construction company located in Espoo. It employs nearly 300 people. The company is responsible for designing, building and maintaining all operations in constructing the buildings.


  • Revenue: 362,7 million euros
  • Business result: 37,2 million euros
  • Employees: 270

What does Puuta Oy do?

Puuta builds solid wood buildings that are environmentally friendly and safe. The buildings are built out of wooden modules. One module consists of wood elements, windows, building technology (such as electricity, piping and engineering) and solar panels.

The process starts in the Nordic woods, wherefrom the wood is retrieved for the modules. The modules are built in factories in Espoo, from which they are delivered by land or sea all over the world.  In Yrityskylä, the modules are sold to different clients in Sweden and Japan, who build schools, nurseries and smart houses out of the modules.

Finnish wood is both a climate-friendly and a healthy choice. Puuta offers its customers a 30-year contract that covers maintenance and other services for the building. Buildings are recommended for long-term care and maintenance contracts, with a monthly fee. This way Puuta can ensure the long-term quality of the buildings. Additionally, it is possible for municipalities to lease (e.g. rent for a very long time) buildings for school projects. This can be done in co-operations with Municipality Finance.

Puuta’s buildings’ energy solutions rely on renewable energy, such as geothermal, wind and solar power. Sometimes, even bio gas solutions can be built together with other operators in the area. In addition, it is possible to grow local food on the roofs or walls of the buildings.

What is exceptional about Puuta is that it constructs buildings from modules, making buildings more customizable. As the number of people in schools and kindergartens vary over the years, Puuta builds schools and other buildings so that it is easy to add parts to them. For example, if the quantity of pupils decreases in a school, the spaces left empty can be transferred to a new kindergarten. Moving wooden modules is easy and it can be made during holidays when necessary. This is real circular economy.

Often, modular schools are temporary solutions or just pillars, but the modules of Puuta are designed to be permanent and long lasting.

Additional information

Puuta is a fictional company, so there are no real news about it and it’s not found in the social media.

Over the past years, there has been built some wooden buildings in Finland, such as schools, kindergartens and other public buildings as well as some offices or residential buildings. They are not, however, that common yet. Some of the wooden buildings are timbered and some are made of solid wood elements, as Puuta does. You can find news about them, for example, by typing “wooden module school”.

Modular schools are often temporary solutions, but in the case of Puuta, the aim is to build long-term solutions that are supposed to serve as long as there is a need.

Circular Economy

Linear economy has come to an end. Significant reductions in climate emissions are required if we want to maintain our planet as a viable place of living.

Most (80 %) of the Finnish ownership is attached to various buildings and properties. Construction, housing and the use of buildings also produce a lot of carbon dioxide emissions. However, the occupancy rate of buildings is often very low:

  • New offices are constantly being built, although empty spaces can be found very well.
  • Schools and offices are largely empty the time of the year. Pupils are only in school from Monday until Friday; In the evenings, weekends and holidays they are empty. At the same time, there may be a shortage of facilities for free time activities.

The number of people in schools and kindergartens are constantly changing: others are cramped and others could be used by more pupils. Modular schools significantly reduce the need for new construction, as well as upgraded modules can be moved to where they are needed.

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