Me & MyCity for ninth-graders – it is on!

Me & MyCity has now expanded to secondary schools and is fully functioning. Already three regional Me & MyCities in Finland has started operating new learning environments for ninth-graders and more is yet to come soon.

The learning concept for secondary schools was first piloted in December 2015 and the growth has been as fast as its predecessors’, Me & MyCity for sixth-graders. It is a respond to a growing demand and the result of an intensive, fruitful and competent teamwork.

– Me & MyCity for ninth-graders has now reached the point that the only way is up and ahead. Our partners have shown great courage by jumping aboard on this new concept, says Minna Ala-Outinen, the Product Manager of Me & MyCity.

The learning environments for ninth-graders have now started operating in Vantaa, Kuopio and Turku. In March 2017, Tampere and Seinäjoki will jump on board and the rest of Finland will follow later this year.

Me & MyCity is a world led by youth

Me & MyCity for ninth-graders is a learning concept dealing with business and global economy. It consists of lessons in history, social studies and career counselling. The concept culminates to a game in the Me & MyCity learning environment.

The Me & MyCity for ninth-graders learning concept simulates the operations of global case companies and a bank. The companies are involved in the lessons, the game and the learning environment. The students step into the shoes of the companies’ executives and engage in the tasks of various areas of responsibility.

The teams compete against each other and the winning team is the one that achieves the best operating profit and the best reputation. Winning requires a good strategy and close interaction.