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Yrityskylä is a Finnish learning concept which has been recognised as the world’s best education innovation. Its story began in 2010. We offer school children in grades six and nine positive experiences of working life, the economy and society and encourage entrepreneurship. To top it all off, Yrityskylä is based on a curriculum.

Our story

In 2010, we decided to try something new.

We wanted to create an inspiring way for students to learn about working life, the economy and society. We built a miniature society in Helsinki’s Museum of Technology and invited 800 sixth-graders to run it.

The reception was positive and word got around Finland. So we decided to load Yrityskylä onto a truck and tour the country. We had created an inspiring and practical way to introduce young people to working life, based on the primary school curriculum.

We set up permanent Yrityskylä societies in eight locations. Based on the sixth-graders’ Yrityskylä experience, people wanted more. We put our heads together and developed a new digital and interactive game for ninth-graders in which they manage a company on the global markets.

Along the way, we have gained some great partners, and together we have created a whole community which consists of different actors in society. Our story will continue because we want each and every Finn to be a bold, involved and enterprising member of society.

Yrityskylä’s learning concept


We teach Yrityskylä’s learning concept to teachers


The teachers review the learning materials with their students at school.


Their classes participate in Yrityskylä’s learning environment.


Back at school, the class goes over what they have learned and responds to feedback.


The Yrityskylä learning environment for sixth-graders is a schoolchildren’s society, a miniature city where students work in a profession and earn money for their work. In addition, the students act as consumers and citizens, as part of Finnish society.

In the Yrityskylä learning environment for ninth-graders, students compete in managing a company on the global markets. The students each have their own areas of responsibility on rival executive boards. During the game, the teams manufacture and sell their products to customers and head the company for a period of one year. The winning team is the one that has been able to achieve the best reputation in addition to a good operating profit. The game combines digitality and interaction.


In school year 2022-2023 we will reach

86 % of Finland’s sixth-graders

82 % of Finland’s ninth-graders

From 246 municipalities

in 13 locations

Together with more than a hundred partners