Yrityskylä for 6th graders: Tekniikan museo, Viikintie 1, 00560 Helsinki Yrityskylä for 9th graders: Kaisaniemenkatu 6, 5th floor, 00100 Helsinki (entrance from Vuorikatu 15 A).

Central Finland

Office team

Eteläranta 10 00130 Helsinki


Yrityskylä for 6th graders: Tykistökatu 4, 20520 Turku (ElectroCity 1st floor) Yrityskylä for 9th graders: Joukahaisenkatu 3 A, 20520 Turku

Northern Ostrobothnia

Yrityskylä for 6th graders: Tukkitie 5, 90520 Oulu Yrityskylä for 9th gradersHallituskatu 36 B, 90100 Oulu


Yrityskylä for 6th graders: Poronpolku 1, 65350 Vaasa Yrityskylä for 9th graders: Vaasantie 11, 60100 Seinäjoki


Yrityskylä for 6th graders: Väinö Linnan aukio 13, 33210 Tampere Yrityskylä for 9th graders: Finlaysoninkuja 19, 33210 Tampere

Eastern Finland

Yrityskylä for 6th graders & ninth graders: Leväsentie 2B, 70700 Kuopio

South-Eastern Finland

Yrityskylä for 6th and 9th graders: Hyrymäenkatu 2, 53550 Lappeenranta (Family Center)


Yrityskylä for 6th and 9th graders: Kutojantie 6-8, 02630 Espoo


Yrityskylä is backed by an energetic and colourful group of experts who share the same goal. We want to offer children and young people inspiring learning experiences involving working life, the economy and society.

If our goals match yours, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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