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Metsolan ala-asteen 6C

The Me & MyCity learning concept consists of teacher training, 10 lessons under the direction of the students’ own teacher and a visit to the Me & MyCity learning environment.

The teacher training consists of going through the learning targets of Me & MyCity and the structure of the lessons prior to the visit to Me & MyCity and taking a look at the practices followed in the Me & MyCity learning environment.

The learning materials for the 10 lessons preceding the visit to Me & MyCity allow the students to find out, among other things, what work is and how to seek it, and to familiarize themselves with the fundamentals of economy and society. The themes of the lessons help the students to conceive of their own role in Me & MyCity as workers, consumers and members of the community.

Each student is assigned a profession for the day they spend in Me & MyCity. The teachers are provided in advance with a list of companies and professions in which the students will work during the day. The teacher’s role is to act as the employer and select the right student for each profession based on job applications and interviews.

Me & MyCity involves altogether 15–20 companies and public services and approximately 70 professions.