Me & MyCity part of the Estonian state visit in Finland

Georgi-Rene Maksimovski, the spouse of the President of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid, visited Me & MyCity Helsinki-Vantaa as part of the state visit in Finland. The presidential couple of Estonia are visiting Finland on 7.-8. March.

The honourable visit included a few essential highlights of the Me & MyCity day. Mr. Maksimovski got his own bank card from Nordea, bought some ice-cream and answered a few questions from the reporters of Helsingin Uutiset (Helsinki News).

Georgi-Rene Maksimovski was warmly welcomed by sixth-graders Lenni Mecklin and Silja Kilpinen from the City Hall of Me & MyCity Helsinki-Vantaa.

– Welcome to Me & MyCity Mr. Maksimovski, Lenni and Silja greeted the guest with a slightly shy smile.

The day was special and busy for everyone, but sixth-graders dealt with the new situations casually.

Sixth-graders demonstrating their work assignments in health care.

– At first I was a bit nervous if I would make mistakes in English, but he turned out to be a nice and normal person, says Lenni Mecklin, todays’ Mayor of Me & MyCity Helsinki-Vantaa.

Me & MyCity was full of real joy and excitement, with just the right amount of anticipation, while the guest tour in the learning environment went on. Sixth-graders introduced their work assignments gladly and with pride to Maksimovski.

Digital learning platform aroused interest

Georgi-Rene Maksimovski was delighted with the visit and had a lot of questions. He attentively pointed out that it would be good to have more professions in the handicraft field of work as well. Me & MyCity team wrote important observation down for future.

The reporters of Helsingin Uutiset (Helsinki News) found out, that Maksimovski himself would probably be working at Helen or Nokia. It makes sense, due to the fact that Maksimovski is originally an IT engineer.

Tiina-Maija Toivola, the COO of Me & MyCity described the visit as successful and a great opportunity.

– It was an honour to host the visit. Estonia is a forerunner, when it comes to information technology, yet the guests were impressed by the digitality in Me & MyCity. Especially the digital banking system got a lot of attention, said Tiina-Maija Toivola with a big smile.

Cooperation in education is one of the themes of the state visit in Finland. Among other visits, the presidential couple will visit also the Latokartano comprehensive school in Helsinki and Tampere University of Technology.



Photos: Mari Lehtonen