news | 27.03.2018

The best education innovation in the world is now also a Finnish education export

Economic Information Office TAT has established an education export company, EduTAT Ltd. Its first client is the Chinese EE City that will establish a Chinese version of the Finnish Me & MyCity concept in Beijing.

EduTAT provides pedagogical solutions developed for education export at TAT, especially for teaching economy, finance and working life skills. The new company will promote exporting Finnish pedagogical expertise to the world in a more diverse way.

Awarded as the world’s best education innovation*, the Me & MyCity concept will be customised to suit the international operating environment. EduTAT’s first client is the Chinese EE City for which the right to use the Me & MyCity concept is sold for a duration of five years.

“EduTAT takes esteemed Finnish education exports to the world, starting with the different versions of Me & MyCity and our international business courses. The services offered by EduTAT are developed at TAT, and we customise them on a case-to-case basis into solutions that will suit the operating environments of different clients,” says Mikko Hakala, CEO at EduTAT.

“We are excited to cooperate with the Chinese EE City. They have several functional environments simulating working life but they lack educational expertise. We are offering them pedagogical content guaranteed to work and suited to their operating environment,” continues Hakala.

“We are looking forward to building a Chinese version of Me & MyCity to serve children, families and schools and to help students become more capable for their future professions,” says Li Jingdong, CEO at EE City.

International interest led to establishing EduTAT

“It’s wonderful to see that Finnish actors are seriously looking for a foothold in the Chinese market. Me & MyCity is a great example on an innovation with plenty of opportunities as an export. This is exactly what we need: great solutions that can be customised into concepts suitable for the international operating environment,” comments Sampo Terho, Minister for European Affairs, Culture and Sport, who is responsible for youth matters within the Finnish Government.

TAT’s Board of Directors decided upon establishing EduTAT in February 2018 as there has been an increasing demand for TAT’s services all around the world.

“TAT’s task has been to help Finnish youth seamlessly to working life and teach economic and financial skills to all age groups. Many international actors are interested in our services. At TAT, we will continue our operations as before, focusing on the work carried out in Finland, which is why it made sense to establish a company of its own for education export,” says Kari Väisänen, CEO of TAT.

EduTAT is completely owned by TAT. EduTAT has its own funding separate from TAT. TAT’s funding will be used for domestic operations also in the future as before.

*World Innovation Summit for Education 2014


For further information, please contact:
Mikko Hakala
EduTAT Ltd
+358 (0)44 297 4774

Kari Väisänen
Chairperson of the Board of Directors
EduTAT Ltd
+358 (0)400 138 767