news | 17.05.2018

The President of Iceland visited Yrityskylä in Espoo

Today, as part of his state visit to Finland, the President of Iceland Guðni Th. Jóhannesson and his delegation visited Yrityskylä in Espoo, at the Nokia Karaportti campus. The relaxed and good-humoured president was happy to talk to students and participate in their tasks.

Yrityskylä Espoo’s spring season is nearing its end with days organised for Swedish-speaking students. Today, the sixth-graders of Lagstad’s, Sjökulla’s, Staffansby’s and Bobäcks’s schools are ready and poised to welcome a guest of honour. The excitement is palpable as the presidential motorcade drives onto the Nokia campus.

The sixth-grade city hall employees greet the President with handshakes, flowers and enthusiastic smiles.

“Welcome to Yrityskylä Mr. President,” says the Mayor, shaking the guest’s hand.

Guðni Th. Jóhannesson first opens a bank account at Nordea and receives his own bank card.

“I try to teach my children that it is a good idea to save money and buy something bigger later. In Iceland we have a problem with young people taking quickie loans. Is it the same here in Finland?” the President asks the Nordea employees.

Länsiväylä reporters Lotta and Frida will write a newspaper article about the state visit and have prepared a few questions for the President. They want to know what an ordinary day in the life of the President is like.

“I make a lot of speeches,” the President answers.

The miniature version of the recruiting firm Barona also attracts the guest’s attention.

“I wonder if you have any vacancies for after I leave this job?” the President asks with a twinkle in his eye and makes everyone laugh.

When asked by the Barona employees to describe himself with three adjectives in a job interview, the President wants to try to answer the question in Swedish.

“At least I’m humble or modest,” the President says.

The tour continues and it’s time to try out the bank card at K-Supermarket and Lidl. The store employees are visibly excited and ready to provide some good customer service. The President buys gifts for his wife and four children.

To complete the tour, the employees of the health care service company Terveystalo get the chance to measure the President’s blood pressure before it is time for the delegation to move on.