Tiina-Maija Toivola is the new COO of Me & MyCity

Tiina-Maija Toivola started her new duty as the COO of Me & MyCity last week. It is an important and responsible task: improving the Finnish youth skills in economy, entrepreneurship and society, while looking after a team of almost 25. Which one is more challenging?

Tiina-Maija Toivola is not a stranger in Me & MyCity. It has been about a year since we last saw her. In the meantime, Tiina-Maija has been working as the Partnership Manager of the Finnish Nose Day Foundation. Now she is back with her strong know-how and enthusiasm.

We warmly welcome Tiina-Maija. At first, let’s ask her a few tricky questions about the world around us.


What does it mean to be entrepreneurial? 

– Person with an entrepreneurial mindset is ready to work, fail and learn for the things she or he believes in.


Why people pay taxes?

– I think I owe some money for my education, health care, libraries and the amazing city I live in. I’m happy to share it with other people.


What is economy?

– Public discussion and news often revolves around economy, and for a reason. The mechanisms of fully functioning society are often based on economy. Economy is basically humane interaction, where money or other resources are transferred.


What is your totem animal?

– My mom always called me Tiina the tiger, so let’s say that.


What is the most important skill in working life? 

– Ability to learn new things will take you far. I am constantly trying to keep in mind, that every new encounter is a possibility to learn.


Do you have Snapchat?

– I’ve been an active user of Snapchat for a while now. However, the activity has led to an addiction, which I’m currently taking a break from. I guess the followers already miss my daily pictures from my morning porridge and yoga mats.


Describe yourself as a leader in three adjectives.

– As a person I am positive, emphatic and ambitious. I hope these features will follow me along with my new position!


Which one is more challenging, managing the team of almost 25 unique personalities, or improving the Finnish youth skills in economy, entrepreneurship and society?

– I am confident the latter is already going strong. The first one is a new challenge I am ready to take up!