Young immigrants getting to know Finnish society

Me & MyCity learning environment was tested for a new purpose together with Plan International Finland.  Me & MyCity welcomed a group of young immigrants to learn about Finnish society and working life.

Despite of the dark Saturday afternoon on November 19th, Me & MyCity in Helsinki was full of joy and excitement. A group of thirty young immigrants aged 14 to 17 arrived to Me & MyCity Helsinki-Vantaa, ready to explore Finnish society and learn by doing.

During the day, the participants got to try the work of a journalist, a salesperson or an election official, for example. Young people had the opportunity to practice important and skills  such as voting, opening a bank account and signing an employment contract. They became familiar with different aspects of Finnish society by exploring and trying new things in a safe environment.

The event was part of the Plan International Finland’s Matkalla -project, which is improving and supporting young immigrants’ activity and participation in society. The key themes of the project are free time, studying and working life.

The day was a success and the cooperation between Me & MyCity and Plan International Finland is truly a great example of what Me & MyCity learning environment can be utilized for.