news | 19.01.2018

Yrityskylä miniature society for sixth-graders makes science and art accessible to all

Yrityskylä Eastern Finland will undergo a renewal in autumn 2018. In addition to municipalities and companies, the Saastamoinen Foundation and the OLVI Foundation will support the activities during the new operating period. With the Saastamoinen Foundation’s support, science and art will have a more visible presence in all Yrityskyläs in Finland.

Yrityskylä Eastern Finland’s new operating period will start in autumn 2018. The objective is to test a number of science and art exercises in Yrityskyläs by the autumn, to enable a national rollout of the best practices by the start of the new period in September.

“The effectiveness of Yrityskylä in Eastern Finland is significant. Since 2011, we have had 30,000 student visitors. Over the next three years, Yrityskylä Eastern Finland in Kuopio will be visited by 14,000 sixth-graders and 7,500 ninth-graders. We have a great responsibility to give them a picture of society that is as comprehensive as possible,” says Yrityskylä Eastern Finland’s Regional Manager Karoliina Kettunen.

“Roughly 60,000 students across the nation visit Yrityskylä annually. Now all students have the opportunity to gain insight into the significance of science and art in our society,” says Petteri Karttunen, Chairman of the Board of the Saastamoinen Foundation.

Science and art featured in every Yrityskylä day

Starting in January, Yrityskylä will test various ways to bring science and art closer to students, and the best practices will be rolled out across the country. As part of the day spent in Yrityskylä, students will have the opportunity to participate in a culture or art workshop or complete an activity course with stations related to science, art and culture. In addition, art and science professions will be added to each Yrityskylä.

Yrityskylä activities are coordinated by the Economic Information Office TAT.

For further information, please contact:

Karoliina Kettunen, Regional Manager, Yrityskylä Eastern Finland, tel. +358 50 322 1641